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In today's world, you only get a job with your experience. And you only acquire experience when you get a job. So you see how hard it is today to find a job. You might have done everything within your reach to find a job but job is not forthcoming. Don't give up, just try the few tips that I'll will share below that shows you how to find a job easily 

1) Write a killer CV: Your CV talks for you before you are even invited for an interview in a company. Hence a good CV is required to create the first impression because it is said that first impression matters. I have a post that shows you how you can write a killer CV (Get it here).

2) Take the initiative: Survey shows that 80% of vacancies are never publicized, and those that are  publicized attracts hundreds of applicants. Therefore, do not wait for jobs to come to you! Do not wait till jobs are advertised! Go out and grab jobs! You could do this by compiling a list of companies you think would be possibly hiring. Send your Killer CV and a covering letter directly to the HR manager or other senior contact. 

You could also check if the company has a blog and you follow up that blog. You could also look for their Facebook pages and Twitter handles, like and follow them on social media. 

3) Refine your social media profile: Jobs are hard to find. Potential employers might want to know the kind of person they are hiring and might want to read more about you on social media. Make your you complete your profile on Facebook and other networks. And also make sure you use your real names because using names such as "itz so so so and so, badest boy, coded boy etc" might create a wrong impression.

4) Get extra skills: It might possibly be that your can't find jobs because your qualifications aren't strong enough. If you have money and time, it would be wise to take extra qualifications. You could consider taking extra diploma programs or going back to college or university or take out a career development loan to help finance an evening class or training course.

5) Talk to others: You might belong to organizations or you might have a friend but you might not know that these people has connections that can actually get you this job you are looking for. So always to to people about what you want perhaps, you might find a job doing so.

6) Stand out: There are thousands of people out there competing the same vacancy with you. These people might even be better than you are. My Dad always tell me that one succeeds not because he was born with success but because  he thought ahead of his contemporaries. Think of a way you can stand out. You might actually send greeting crads to The firm you are about to send your CV. Once your CV gets after your greeting card has been sent, you might be recognized. Apart from this think of other ways you can stand out.

7) Never Give Up: These three words can keep one young. You may have sent hundreds of CVs to hundreds of firms but none has invited you for an interview and this must be very down hearting that it might spur one not act anymore. But keep on trying, who knows which one will call you up.

Remember that what you need firstly is for your leg to step into the office for an interview. So whenever you're called up for an interview, make sure you show them that you are qualified for that position in that firm.

Getting a job is hard though. But follow the above tutorial and see what happens.

If you know other things one can do to ease him in finding a job or if you want to talk more on what I've written already, please do make use of the comment box below. And do not forget to share with all your friends who are looking for job.

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  1. Nice tips.
    Getting a job is really hard. But with these tips, I think one is good to go.

  2. I really like the statement "You only get a job with your experience. And you only acquire experience when you get a job". That is the main problem graduates are facing. How do you expect them to have experience when you have not given them the opportunity to work?.
    I ask myself, is it that they want only those that have been working and sacked to be employed and not those that are fresh graduates with great potentials?.
    I really like the content of this article. No 2 is very important and true, same with 4,5,6 and 7.
    One of the mistakes people make is choosing the wrong course which are not lucrative or marketable to study. You can read my article on 4 Important Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Course To Study so that you won't fall a victim.
    Thanks for this concise article.

  3. Wow, absolutely fantastic blog. I am very glad to have such useful information.


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