Disclaimer: I am writing this post not for you to use it for illegal acts but to create the awareness.

Many people indulge into this act by guessing your Facebook password or searching your device to see if your password was saved on your device. But today, I will teach you how to do this in a professional way. Just continue reading to find out how. 

There are two methods to do this and they are (i) Verification method (ii) Mutual friend method.

Verification method  
In this method, you ought to follow some certain steps I'll be sharing below. 
  • First you have to obtain the email address of your target: To do this, locate the account you want to hack on Facebook and find the email linked to it.
  • Open the Facebook login page: If you're logged in already, log out. 
  • Click on "forgotten your password?" Button: This is where your journey begins 
  • Enter your targets Facebook login email address: After which you click on search 
  • Click on "No longer have access to these.
  •  Enter email address: While doing this, enter your email address which is not linked to any Facebook account. 
  •  Answer security question: This is just it. But if you cannot answer that security question, the move over to the second method.
 Mutual friend method
In this method, you have to follow from step 1-7 of Verification method then follow the steps below.  
  • Click "Recover account with help from your friends": You only have to click this button if you weren't able to answer the security question.  
  •  Choose mutual friends: Now you have to choose 3 mutual friends that you trust. Once you've done that, Facebook will send the 3 of them a recovery password. 
  •  Resetting password: After entering the codes you received from your mutual friends, you'll have to reset the password and your HACKING is done! 
 Note: Do not use this for criminal acts as Facebook might not just ban you, but you get yourself into the hands of the authorities.
These  are just  trusted ways of hacking a Facebook account. If you've got questions or got contributions to make, or better still, know other ways to hack a Facebook account, you are free to use the comment box to notify me.

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  1. This post shouldn't have gone online.

    1. May we know your reasons sir?

    2. This will affect the public negatively. It will teach them to start hacking peoples accounts.

    3. With all due respect sir, the disclaimer attached to this post explains everything.

    4. Bro, at the mention of hack, Fb folks will give you change ooh.. They won't let their second ear hear it.

      Personally, am with Abara on this, your disclaimer is just to save your ass when things go Hei Y..

      Since it's already on the web, there's no point beating a dead horse.

      Am an editor at Techkibay

  2. Nice artice. I will create a new facebook account to try it.

    1. OK. We'd like to know the result.

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